Kit microcemento Cementec


CEMENTEC is a decorative and READY TO USE microcement made by state-of-the-art materials. In addition, it provides a 100% waterproofing and it is suitable to coat almost any place and surface: floors, walls, ceilings, interior and exterior, furniture, tiles, marble, terrazzo…

CEMENTEC applications allow the renovation and remodelling of spaces without the need of demolition nor creating debris, being faster and cleaner than other coatings (tiles, marble, wood, etc.), by not creating dust in its installation stages. All in one package.

Product already mixed and coloured for its immediate installation after its opening, no needs to mix any component neither pigments.

Available in different package size for your convenience and adapt to the needs of your works

Due to production control in our factory in conjunction the reuse of the material, it allows some little retouching or certain repairs once installed.

Our READY TO USE microcement is waterproof, ductile and very malleable, with an optimum pot-life. Furthermore, within this CEMENTEC range of products, we have developed a system which is putting it as the hardest and resistant microcement on the market.

Why microcement CEMENTEC?

  • Water proofing.
  • Don’t need mixing and weighing (IT IS READY TO USE).
  • Direct and easy application.
  • It saves time and money.
  • Healthier and cleaner.
  • High adhesion degree.
  • High mechanical and surface resistance.
  • No previous experience needed.


  • Easiness. Don’t need mixing and weighing, IT IS READY TO USE!
  • Save time applying and cleaning.
  • Kits of 10 and 25 sqm.
  • NO need for training courses or special skills.
  • Reliability. NO mistakes made during the weighting of pigments and mixtures.
  • NO powder cloud, thus healthier and cleaner.
  • Steady product and protected under severe quality control.
  • Usefulness. Without large storage need, stock reduction
  • Pigments already mixed for our main colours.
  • Diversity of products according to the need.
  • Video tutorials and complete online training. No on-site classes, supply of complete application videos.