CONSOLIDADOR is a water-based acrylic emulsion as consolidation and surface preparation. Monocomponent and solvent-free product, formulated based on an acrylic emulsion of extremely fine particles to promote penetration into the support.

Adhesion the CONSOLIDADOR promoter for all types of support, porous (cements, mortars, plasters, etc.) or not porour (tiles, marble, terrazzo, etc.), It also gives consistency to support with loose particles and hardens them superficially.

It adheres to any support, is quick-drying, waterproof and breathable. It is used both indoors and outdoors to seal and anchor all surfaces where any of our products will be applied.

In addition to preventing absorption of the support on which CEMENTEC® products are applied.

Application of the product:

CONSOLIDADOR is applied as a precoat to the CEMENTEC STANDARD and WATER RESISTANT systems.

It is applied in one layer, both on floors and walls.


  • Size in 5-L bottle and 1-L bottle
  • Product performance 0,05 L/sqm
  • Tools Trough, roller and brush

How to apply:

Tutorial 2. Adaptation of cement-base surface


SizeSales price per LContainer price
1 L11,00 €/L11,00 €
5 L9,22 €/L46,10 €

From: 9,15

From: 9,15

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