Fiberglass net

Fiberglass net CEMENTEC is a material made from a very light latticed figerglass type E. It is used in our surfaces adaptation range of products where our CEMENTEC products are going to be applied.

It has high efficiency alkaline protection. Thanks to its combination of rigidity and moldability, make it ideal for application both on walls and floors, as well as in more special places, such as benches, furniture, ceilings, etc.

Use of the product:

Fiberglass net CEMENTECt is a reticulated lattice is used to evenly distribute the forces exerted by the support on the ready to use CEMENTEC microcement coating, thus making mechanical deterioration of the product more difficult.

This E fiberglass net can be used for corners, protruding elements, etc.

When to use the fiberglass net

The use of MALLA built into our CEMENTEC BASE or HIGH TRANSIT BASE creates a “sandwich” layer which reduces the apperance of cracks and fissures in CEMENTEC systems

There are two ways of applying the fiberglass net depending on the type of support we are dealing with:

If we are dealing with a continuous support (self-levelling mortar, resin flooring, plaster or focused walls), it is applied together with the first base layer.

In the case of a “grouted” surface such as tile, terrazzo, marble, stoneware, etc., it is applied together with our SEAL product before the base layers.

  • Size in rolls of 50 m length and 1 m width
  • Product performance 1,05 m2/m2


SizeSales price per sqmContainer price
Rollo 50 m21,69 €/m284,50 €


Check the application systems to know which products you should apply before and after this.