Finish forte

FINISH FORTE CEMENTEC Two-component aliphatic polyurethane varnish for surface protection from CEMENTEC.

Product composed of a component A and a component B that acts as a catalyst, with a colorless finish available in different tones (matt, satin and gloss) to enhance the cementitious appearance of CEMENTEC.

In addition, it provides high protection to interior spaces such as homes, both for horizontal and vertical paraments.

Due to its low viscosity it is a product that is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion. Its natural appearance makes it suitable for application in interior areas of the home, floors and walls (do not apply in bathrooms and kitchens).

Application of product:

It is used as a final finishing coat for the CEMENTEC STANDARD and CEMENTEC WATER RESISTANT systems.

Technical dates: 

  • Size in pack of 5+1L buckets and 1+0,2L bottles.
  • Product performance del producto aproximado 0,05 L/m2
  • Tools Trough, brush and roller.
  • Drying 4 to 6 hours

How to apply:

Tutorial. 6 Finishes (top coatings) layers application.



SizeSales price per LContainer price
1+0,2 L (A+B)39,00 €/L46,80 €
5+1 L (A+B)37,13 €/L222,81 €

From: 38,68

From: 38,68

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