PIMER CEMENTEC is a Water-based impregnating product for the superficial sealing of the ready to use CEMENTEC microcement, with a high penetration capacity and very good adhesion.

It gives CEMENTEC systems a general uniformity and an ideal adaptation for the subsequent application of the FINISH varnish layers.

A completely homogeneous film is created, transparent and without leaving a residue on the surface due to its high ductility and penetration degree.

It is a quick-drying product that enhances the cementitious appearance of the products where it is applied, without conditioning the final result of the FINISH to be applied later.

Application of product:

PRIMER CEMENTEC product gives the CEMENTEC systems a generalised uniformity and ideal suitability for the subsequent application of the finishing coats of the CEMENTEC BASE and CEMENTEC WATER RESISTANT systems.

Technical dates:

  • Size in 5-l bucket and 1-l bottle.
  • Product performance approx. 0,05 L/m2/layer

How to apply the product:

Tutorial. 6 Finishes (top coatings) layers application.


FormatoPrecio venta por LPrecio envase
1 L19,48 €/L19,48 €
5 L18,55 €/L92,75 €

From: 18,54

From: 18,54

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