SEAL  is a 2-component epoxy priming product which acts as consolidator, adhesion promoter and to equal absorption degrees, due to its capacity as a vapor barrier. Product SEAL  is formulated based on an emulsion of epoxy resins, of excellent hardness and chemical resistance. It adheres to any type of support, conferring a uniform absorption layer.

Product SEAL is used both indoors and outdoors to regulate the absorption of those surfaces that present different degrees of absorption, thus improving the application of the subsequent products.

Application of the product:

In case of support with joints such as tile, terrazzo, marble, stoneware, etc. is applied it be applied with our fiberglass net before the CEMENTEC BASE or CEMENTEC HIGH TRANSIST BASE layers.

SEAL can be also applied on cement-based surfaces because improve their adherence.

Technical data:

  • Size in pack of 5+2 kg and 1+0,4kg
  • Product performance 0,150 kg/sqm

How to apply:

Tutorial 1. Adaptation of surface with joints


SizeSales price per kgContainer price
1+0,4 Kg (A+B)22,23 €/Kg31,12 €
5+2 Kg (A+B)20,39 €/Kg142,73 €

From: 25,73

From: 25,73

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